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People: BOCM Pauls strengthens pig feed market presence

BOCM Pauls GmbH is known to German pig producers for its specialist feeds and has further strengthened its presence in the German specialist pig feed market with the appointment of an additional area sales manager.

Joining the sales force as area sales manager is Peter Stickel who will be operating in the areas around Munster and Osnabruck.  He has more than 20 years’ experience in the feed and livestock markets, particularly in the specialist pig sector.  He will operate from the company’s new offices at Steinfurt-Borghurst which also accommodate the sales administration and customer service departments.

Mr. Stickel will be working alongside Dr. Helen Stebbens who will be providing technical support for the sales team and liaising with local pig producers.  Dr. Stebbens has more than 20 years’ involvement in pig production in various European countries, providing support to customers and covering most aspects of pig nutrition and production.  She has also been responsible for the development of new pig products and feeding programmes.

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