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Nuscience: More pig feed production in Suzhou, China

Nuscience held a Grand Opening ceremony for the second production line in Suzhou, China. Over 400 customers attended the ceremony.

With this new line, the capacity is doubled and also specialty products will be produced locally. Nuscience Group operates since 1999 in Suzhou, China. As the business is growing steadily due to the successful execution of Nuscience’s strategy, it was decided to invest in extra production capacity.


This extra capacity will make it possible to produce more premixes, concentrates and piglet feed for the Chinese mainland but the line is also designed to produce locally the specialty products of Nuscience.

Chairman Patrick Keereman said:’ this brings our Chinese operation to a next level. We are now able to give the Chinese authority an answer in their desire to lower antibiotics in animal feed. Our key product Aromabiotic has proven its effect as the  natural alternative in independent trials.’

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