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New Rotecna slat offers grip for both sows and piglets

A new slat has been added to Rotecna's product range: the 60 x 80 sow slat comfort grip, designed for sows and piglets.

The slat, thanks to its size, totally covers the area underneath the sow as well as the access area to the sow for piglets. Its surface provides with the most appropriate conditions for both of them.

The highlight of the slat is the special surface design: a dual anti-slip relief provides for the comfort of the sow efficiently as well as proving ideal for a good grip for piglets in the suckling area.

The new slats boast the following features:

  • Robust: Due to its special design the slat is extremely resistant to the impacts of the weight of the sow and to wearing out from use.
  • Comfort: Due to the special design of the ridges with more sharpened ledges and smooth surface of the borders the slat provides for protection of the udders while breast feeding.
  • Grip for the suckling piglets: In the shared area of the sow and suckling piglets designed for breast feeding and situated in the both lateral sides (10 cm each side). The perfect design of this area provides with a good grip for piglets even on the permanently wet surface.
  • Easy installation: The new slats are designed to be compatible with the whole range of Rotecna slats.

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