Hendrix Genetics opens pig Genomics lab in France

Hendrix Genetics has underscored its commitment to delivering better breeding solutions for pigs, poultry and aquaculture, by opening a new Research & Development centre in Ploufragan, France.

The new Genomics Laboratory is a central hub for global molecular DNA work for all Hendrix Genetics divisions, and is already producing new innovations in breeding.

Blood and tissue samples are taken from the pig, poultry and aquaculture divisions, and also from customers’ stocks. Samples are then transported to the Genomics Laboratory, where DNA is extracted and stored in a BioBank. After in-house analysis and genotyping, geneticists of Hendrix Genetics use these to develop breeding programs for the divisions or directly into customer breeding programs.

Gerard Albers, Director of the Hendrix Genetics Research & Technology Centre, is satisfied both about the initial results and the huge potential of the laboratory: “this is a valuable asset to the breeding programs of Hendrix Genetics and is truly one of a kind in this industry. What’s more, it is widening the opportunity for future developments in all our divisions. For Hendrix Genetics, we are already thoroughly excited to see what we have brought and what we can continue to bring to the market. The future is looking bright. ”

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