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Special Focus


    Piglets are the future capital of every pig operation. However, newborn piglets are vulnerable to virtually everything from the moment they are born. This section considers all the aspects of raising healthy and proficient piglets.

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    Pathogens and Prevention

    This is a critical time for the pig industry, the ongoing debate about the reduction of antibiotics use in animal production has made it necessary to review its methods of production. Prevention is key – producers need to find ways to make it more difficult for pathogens to strike. Here you can find articles on biosecurity and strategies to minimise the effect of pathogens in the pig house.

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    Piglet Health

    Nowhere in the pork production chain pigs are as vulnerable as when they are piglets. Challenges are everywhere – large ones (sows) as well as small ones (viruses, bacteria, parasites). Keeping all piglets healthy from start right through weaning is therefore a challenge not to be underestimated. When are piglets healthy and how to keep them that way?

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    Sow Management

    What is the best way to manage sow herds? Gestating sows; has been a topical question for many years in Europe, Australia and the US. Moving away from sow stalls during gestation – what alternatives are available and what are the consequences? Lactating sows; ongoing animal welfare research points towards more freedom for sows during lactation.

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    Alternative Growth Promotion

    Once upon a time, antibiotic growth promoters were considered a giant step forward for the pig industry. Although their benefits are still undisputed, nowadays growing numbers of scientists ask questions about the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Therefore, a host of alternatives has flooded the market in recent years. Here we unravel some of the mysteries. 

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    Piglet Feeding

    Getting young piglets off to a good start benefits producers in the long run. Healthy piglets grow swiftly and consistently – which means that producers have to make sure that in the first crucial weeks the piglets receive the nutrition they need. New insights, ideas and developments will be highlighted in this special themed page. 

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