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China: Tianli Agritech sells black hog products in Wuhan

Tianli Agritech, Inc., a leading producer of breeder hogs, market hogs and black hogs, headquartered in Wuhan City, China, announced that it has started to sell its branded black hog products through retail outlets in Wuhan City.

Cuts of Tianli's black hog meat are currently available in the Newstar supermarket as well as three Lao Nong Min retail stores. This follows the successful entry of the company's black hogs into the Beijing market in January.

The Company's black hogs and Tianli-Xiduhei meat cuts are products of its "10,000 families and 1,000,000 Black Hogs" program in Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province. By the end of 2012, the company had provided over $10 million in funding to participating farmers and completed the construction of 645 black hog rearing facilities in Enshi Prefecture. Tianli wants to further expand its Black Hogs Program and expects the program to achieve a production capacity of 30,000~50,000 black hogs in 2013.

Hanying Li, chairwoman and CEO of Tianli Agritech commented, "We are pleased to see our Tianli-Xiduhei black hog meat cuts enter the Wuhan market. This, combined with our recent entry into the Beijing market, further demonstrates that our Black Hogs Program in Enshi Prefecture is starting to bear fruit after years of investment."

Li continued, "As we plan to enter new geographic markets and further penetrate the Beijing and Wuhan markets in coming quarters, we expect our Black Hogs Program to contribute meaningfully to our revenue and earnings in 2013."

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