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Antimicrobial usage targets in pigs

Although the UK is coming out of the European Union, the country is still pushing forward with antimicrobial...

Colostrum (II): The immunogens

Colostrum (II): The immunogens

Following on from his previous colostrum column, Pig Progress's expert, John Gadd explains more about hand...

Colostrum (I): Hand management

Colostrum (I): Hand management

Pig Progress's expert, John Gadd, takes a look at colostrum. There are many that would think there is little...

John Gadd, pig management

Light (IV): Measuring

Textbooks hardly cover light at all, according to our resident expert on 'Pig management', John Gadd, therefore...

Vincent ter Beek, editor pig progress

Why piglets deserve care

Piglets are the future capital of any farm. The young creatures have it all in them to become full value pigs or...

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Tail docking: The final cut?

Tail docking is applied to young piglets to avoid a potential problem later of tail biting. However, should the...