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Russian pork market faces difficulties due to EU ban

The ban on pork imports from the European Union (EU) has negatively affected the Russian pork and meat-processing industries, according to the market participants.

Thus, according to the Russian National Union of Meat Processors, since February production of meat products has fallen between 7 and 15%.

Prices have risen by 7% particularly for live pigs and for half carcasses. Chairman of the meat processors' union Anatoly Kosinsky said that the rise in prices for raw materials could result in 10% of the processors going out of business.

At a meeting of more than 100 meat industry representatives last week, the head of Rosselkhoznador, Sergey Dankvert lashed out at the European Commission for the lack of progress in putting forward measures to contain African Swine Fever

He said that Rosselkhoznador was ready to take guarantees from individual countries but this was not in accordance with the European Commission. "According to Russian experts, African Swine Fever in the EU is more common than officially reported," he said.

"At the same time, the level of biological protection on most European pig farms is extremely low."

Russia is now in discussion with India about increasing imports of buffalo meat and with China for increasing pork imports. The country has renewed its imports of pig meat from the US and is interested in increasing supplies from Brazil and Canada.

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