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Ukraine: Pork production to grow despite conflict

By the end of 2014 the volume of pork production in Ukraine is expected to grow by 5.5% - 6%, compared to 2013, to about 815,000 tonnes, according to the Deputy General Director of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, Alexander Yaroslavsky.

"During the last 13 years we have increased pork production by 52%. In 2014, the growth in the volume of pork production is predicted at the level of 5.5% - 6%. Unfortunately, we can't say that there will be any progress in terms of increasing pork exports as we still have problems with health and safety regulations. But within two years, these problems will be solved and Ukrainian pork will enter, in particular, the European Union (EU) market," he said.

Yaroslavsky also noted that this year the volume of pork production in the country will increase, despite the armed conflict in the east of the country, which in particular forced the Ukraine authorities to suspend pork imports from the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts of the country.

Noteworthy, in this area in the location of APK-Invest pig farms – the largest pork producer in the country.

"And it is quite logical that we imposed a ban on import of any production from the anti-terrorist operation zone. We have no access to the production sites and therefore we can't guarantee quality and safety of this products," reported Yaroslavsky.

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