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People: Takeover, new management at Hotraco Group

Hotraco owners Chris and Anny Beelen will be transferring ownership of their shares in the company this week.

Diederik Fetter, Erick Gielen and Edwin van Rensch will then become responsible for the day-to-day running of the company. 

Gielen and Rensch have both been employed at the company for several years in the roles of financial and operations director, respectively. Fetter will be taking on the role of managing director. The change of management at the group of companies based in Hegelsom is the result of the successful completion of a Management Buy-In/Buy-Out transaction.

Hotraco was founded by Chris Beelen and his wife Anny Beelen-Stappers in 1974. Since then, Hotraco has built up a loyal and growing customer base in  various sectors (agriculture/ food and industry).

The decision to continue with three directors was a joint (strategic) one. This change will help move Hotraco forward healthily, safeguard its continuity and speed up its international expansion.

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