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Ease of use key for novel Hotraco controller

At VIV Asia, Dutch automation company Hotraco is presenting a novel its Cygnus-V ventilation controller, for use in swine farming.

This controller supplements the existing range of controllers for pig farming. The Cygnus-V is a new platform. Ease of use is ensured through a simple menu structure, combined with a graphic display. With the help of PC software, the Cygnus-V can be operated through the Web.

The ventilation level is adjusted automatically to the age of the animals. The controller also has the option of logging data, making an analysis of the stall climate possible, and offering additional certainty regarding the settings.

Two versions will be available of the controller – one for direct control of the fan and one version for pig houses with central ventilation.

The company is also presenting its SmartWinch, a smart 24V winch motor, launched in 2012. In combination with its own power supply and emergency positioning, this product is called ‘a total solution for controlling air inlet valves in poultry and pig houses’.

Hotraco can be found in Hall H101, booth S041.

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