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Russia may ban Canadian and US pork imports

Russia may place a ban on pork and beef meats coming from Canada and the US, according to reports.

There are concerns regarding  ractopamine being used as  a feed additive to produce lean meat in animals. Russia has pointed out that the meat exported from the two countries does not hold any certificatiion that states it is free of ractopamine.

Threaten industry
The possible ban could threaten a significant $500 million worth of meat exports to Russia per year.

The spokesman for Russia's Veterinary and Phyto-Sanitary Surveillance Service (VPSS), Alexey Alexeyenko, stated that chilled products could be stopped as of 4 February and frozen meat by 11 February.

Stricter measures are  considered as meat to Russia continue to have no ractopamine-free certification.

Source: Reuters

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