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Best pork producer in Brazil reaches almost 34 PSY

Mateus and Marcello Simão, from Chácara Vó Ita farm near Castro, Paraná state, Brazil have yesterday been awarded for reaching the best technical results over 2011-2012.

The farm achieved a record average of 33.97 weaned piglets/ sow/ year, something that has never been achieved before, the organising company Agriness told at the swine event PorkExpo, in Curitiba, PR. The winners received a golden pig statue.

The company collects and combines many swine relevant data – building a large benchmark database. For the prize, awarded for the fifth time, in total 618 Brazilian farms signed up, good for about 412,000 sows – corresponding with 25% of the country’s total sow herd.

The second prize went to Agropecuária Ponte Verde, reaching 32.62 piglets/ sow/ year. The farm can be found in Leopoldo de Bulhões, Goías state. The third prize went to Schoeler Suínos in Itapiranga.

First edition
The first edition of the awards were given in 2008. At the time, 119 farms participated, together representing 62,000 sows.

Agriness made a calculation on the basis of all data gathered. Currently on average, Brazil produces 25.91 piglets/ sow/ year – and predicted that average productivity in Brazil will grow to 27.33 piglets/ sow/ year, by 2015. This equals to about 903 million extra pigs to the market.

The overview also yielded that 17% of all farms in Brazil is larger than 1,000 sows, with 21% having less than 200 sows. In total, the three southern states of Paraná, Santa Caterina and Rio Grande do Sul account for 71% of Brazil’s swine production.

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