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VIDEO: Swine producers controlling the interior environment of agri-houses

Swine producers now have a way of controlling the interiors of their buildings, so that their animals can reach their genetic potential, regardless of season or geographic location.

It’s a unique dual process known as tunnel ventilation and evaporative cooling. It creates an interior zone of thermal neutrality. In simple terms, it means through proper ventilation and insulation, the interior temperature and air quality of the houses can be controlled and adjusted to the desired levels.
Using a negative pressure ventilation system, outside air is pulled through a “cooling pad” into the interior and regulated. In other words, the process gets rid of noxious air and keeps animals comfortable through temperature and air quality control. And the system can be adjusted no matter the outside climate.
Of course, an integral part of the success of this system is proper insulation and ventilation. With a drop ceiling, insulation can be installed that reduces the heat transfer from the sun in warmer climates and conversely, prevents the loss of heat in cooler climates. The attic becomes a buffer zone that results in lower energy costs and the ability to maintain consistent interior temperatures.
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