Osborne: new indicator for pig heating pads

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piglet heat farrowing pad
piglet heat farrowing pad

US-based swine equipment manufacturer Osborne Industries, has introduced a new electric indicator light for the company’s Stanfield pig heating pads.

The indicator light provides visual confirmation that heat pads are operating properly and providing crucial heat to newborn piglets in farrowing or growing pigs in nurseries.

Indicator featuring two LED lights

The head pad indicator of Osborne Industries features two LED lights. The two-light system shows that electrical circuits are functioning properly, and that heat pads are drawing electricity and providing the necessary heat for young pigs.

The addition of the heat pad indicator to Stanfield heat pads eliminates the need for infrared temperature wands or physically inspecting individual pads to ensure they are operating properly.

Always consistent bright and visible LED lights

The system mounts on standard, single-gang electrical boxes at 120 or 240 volts and is easily installed by a certified electrician. The LED lights remain consistently bright, regardless of variable watt power. This means, if the temperature of a heat pad is controlled by a ramping controller to compensate for the reduction in heating required for piglet development, the LED lights remain consistently bright and visible, even as power is reduced to the pad.

The heat pad indicator light is a powerful diagnostic tool. The heat pad indicator light will alert producers to farrowing stalls requiring attention, so piglets are never without heat.

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