Body cell cloning pig born in China

17-10-2007 | | |

Guangxi Zoological Technology Institute has announced on Monday that it has produced its first body cell cloning pig – the fifth of such pigs ever to be produced in China.


According to Professor Lu Shengsheng, the cloning pig is healthy. Back in 2004, Shengsheng was responsible for a research programme into nuclear transplantation in Bama mini pigs.

The research team used the body cell of a Bama mini pig as the donor cell and the oocyte of the pig as the recipient cytoplasm.

Cloned embryo

Scientists succeeded in obtaining a cloned embryo cell through the processes of enucleation, re-injection and activation.

After three years of research, they then injected the embryo into the womb of a local luchuan pig. It remained there for approximately 110 days and finally on October 13, the cloned pig was born.

This breakthrough is of major scientific significance for Guangxi as it may enable organ transplantation through the use of animal organs and provide some clues into protecting the Bama mini pig.

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