Maximize swine production efficiency

New insights can help maximize swine production efficiency

Just prior to the recent World Pork Expo in Des Moines, IA, DuPont brought together notable swine experts at the company’s Iowa Innovation Centre to talk about practical application of the latest findings in swine nutrition science. The event, moderated by Vincent ter Beek, was recorded on video and is available for viewing in its entirety or in chapters.

The presentations included insights into the benefits of xylanase inclusion in swine feed, the importance of predicting corn energy values, as well as factors that impact all-important gut health in pigs.

VIDEO: Xylanase and its effect on livability and more
Hear Dr. Dean Boyd, Technical Director, The Hanor Company, as he examines the positive potential of xylanase in swine feed:
  • Improving carcass uniformity, even in “simple” diets such as corn
  • Benefits to be gained by combining xylanase with other enzymes such as phytase
  • How xylanase affects livability in both challenged and non-challenged herds, with both older and younger pigs
VIDEO: Predicting corn energy values for improved efficiency
Dr. Chris Iiams, Senior Research Scientist at DuPont Pioneer, illuminates the advantages of factoring predicted corn energy values into swine feed decisions. He covers:
  • Extra benefits of NIR calibration/technology beyond those offered by other sources and practices
  • Best methods for building a successful corn DE NIR model
  • Savings and efficiencies possible in young pig and grower-finisher diets
VIDEO: Gut health as a key to efficient swine production
Dr. Marcus E. Kehrli, Jr., of the USDA’s National Animal Disease Center shares some of what is now known about the gastrointestinal microbiome in swine and its bearing on producers’ results:
  • Recent studies on other animal species and their relevance to swine
  • How production challenges can adversely affect gut health
  • Proven alternatives to AGPs and their impact on liveability and efficiency