Two pig innovations get highest honour at SPACE

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Two pig innovations get highest honour at SPACE

Two pig-related innovations received the highest honour of three Innov’SPACE stars yesterday evening.

The Innov’SPACE awards are given to innovations that are new for the French market. Prior to the show, the novelties had been classified as having one or two stars. The innovations should focus on achieving better technical, economic, sanitary or environmental performances.

Obtaining three stars, however, is a rare occurrence at SPACE – only five companies received ‘three stars’ for their innovations. Of the five two were awarded to pig production innovations:

  • Cimac Elevage with Euthazen (on-farm euthanasia for unhealthy pigs)
  • Fancom with the Pig Cough Monitor

The other three star awards were given to:

  • IMV Technologies with Nexcell, a conservation medium for turkey semen
  • Marechalle Pesage for a weighing scale for cattle
  • Pichon/ Rolland Remorques/ Chambres d’Agriculture de Bretagne for ‘Eco-Spreading’.

Total number of awards

The 2013 edition of SPACE, showcased a record number of 64 awarded innovations, which is 17 more than in 2012, when 47 were on display. Of all innovations, 20 have come from outside France.

Elements as achieving better working conditions or improved animal welfare are also welcomed. In total, 50 received one star; 14 received two stars.

In the pig segment 16 innovations have been awarded.

Some innovations have been introduced at Pig Progress or World Poultry last year, as they were shown and introduced at EuroTier 2012 as well. Good examples are Fancom’s coughing monitor, again a prize winner this year and Hölscher+Leuschner’s OptiScan.

SPACE is held in Rennes, France, from 10-13 September.