Vietnam: Criminal charges for using lean meat feed additives

16-04-2012 | |

Officials have called for criminal charges to be implemented against those who make use of lean meat additives in animal feed.

Reports state that the additives, known as beta-agonist compounds, were introduced in Vietnam by some feed companies in 2000 and banned since 2002.
According to Vietnam Feed Association (VFA) vice president Pham Duc Binh, despite the ban, the lean meat additives are still being used in animal farming. He added that it is necessary to bring those who use the additives to court since the current penalties are not deterrent enough to stop the use of the illegal substances.
The chemicals, especially beta-agonist, have recently been found to be widespread in pig farming as it makes the meat lean but also shortens the animals’ growth period, making it even more profitable.
La Van Kinh, deputy head of the Institute of Agricultural Science for Southern Viet Nam said the use of the additives is not only threatening people’s health but also damaging the husbandry industry as it has come to consumers’ attention. This has led to consumers becoming worried about the use of the additives in meat.
Source: Vietnam News

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