Taiwan: Pork products to be properly labelled, checks intensified

17-02-2012 | |

Pork and beef will need to be properly labelled, this comes as labels which state the country-of-origin of the meat are distributed to meat suppliers and markets in Tainan, Taiwan.

According to the Tainan Mayor, Lai Ching-te, strict checks will be carried out to see whether meat products have been labelled in a correct manner.
Certificates will need to be shown by caters and meat processors, these certificates should state the source of the products. Meat containing lean meat additive ractopamine is prohibited. The additive can be found in animal feed and promotes leaner meat which fetches more at market prices, however could be harmful to humans.
However, there have been recent headlines stating that Taiwan may give in to US demands regarding ractopamine. The Taiwanese government might apply different ractopamine standards to local pork products and imported ones.
Taiwan might lift a ban on US beef containing ractopamine while allowing imports of pork containing residue of such substances. In a previous PP news report, it said that Washington has been pressuring Taipei to revise its zero tolerance policy on ractopamine, which was found in some rejected shipments of beef from the US last year.
The issue has become central to the ongoing suspension of talks between Taiwan and the US under the bilateral Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA 1994).
Taiwan banned the use and mandated a zero-tolerance approach to the feed additive ractopamine ten years ago.

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