Provimi launches ProHacid Excel for pig feed

15-12-2010 | |

Provimi Group has launched a new premixture of feed additive for piglets, ProHacid Excel, a unique package of organic acids and essential oils especially formulated for its efficacy in feed.

ProHacid Excel contains a blend of organic acids including citric and benzoic acid.

These acids can lower pH to aid protein digestion and improve the antimicrobial effect which in turn increases the shelf life of the feed. ProHacid Excel also contains Provimi’s Cinergy, a specific blend of essential oils which increase palatability and stimulate nutrient digestion.

“ProHacid Excel is based on 15 years of development work by Provimi,” says Benoit Anquetil, Species Group Director Feed Additives. “The combined effect of the acids and essential oils has been optimised to ensure the maximum beneficial effect for piglets.”

By improving the palatability and the digestion of nutrients, ProHacid also brings costs-effective benefits to producers.

“It is based on a combination of dry acids and calcium salts that has advantages in the manufacturing process and in feeding. It is less corrosive than products using liquid acids. Furthermore, compared with the standard blends of acids ProHacid Excel has an improved solubility, flow ability and odour.”

Trials comparing ProHacid Excel with a standard acid blend show increased uniformity of piglets which is key to improve the return for farmers.

Further trials showed a benefit in cost per kilo weight gain by using ProHacid Excelcompared with a single acid and Cinergy. “This reinforces the advantages of the synergistic effects of the organic acids and Cinergy that are offered in ProHacid Excel,” adds Mr. Anquetil “It has particular advantages in liquid feeding systems and also brings technical and financial advantages when it is included in grower, finisher and sow feeds.”

Recommended inclusion rates in piglet feed is 5kg/tonne and 3 to 4kg /tonne in grower and sow feeds.