Pork dish angers Philippine politician

22-11-2006 | |

A Philippine Muslim congresswoman has made a scene at a restaurant after a she discovered she had been eating pork during a dinner at the House of Representatives.

Feeling insulted, representative Faysah Dumarpa, 54, threw a glass on the floor and was said to have slapped a waitress when she learnt that she had unintentionally eaten pork, which was an ingredient of the noodle dish served.

For Muslims, it is forbidden to eat pork or its derivatives.


Dumarpa explained, “What I did was a natural reaction on a situation where I felt betrayed. I was grossly insulted.”

Dumarpa said that before the incdent, the food servers assured her of pork-free dish for her and other Muslim lawmakers. She said it was a Muslim colleague who called her attention to the mistake. By that time, she was already enjoying the dessert.

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