Pig housing company – TPI-Polytechniek relaunches website

29-12-2011 | |

TPI-Polytechniek B.V. has relaunched its website, offering better customer service and support.

TPI-Polytechniek B.V. has renewed its website (www.tpi-polytechniek.com) completely.

The company has updated their website to bring visitors speedily to the right page and provides clear information about TPI-Polytechniek’s complete range of air inlet valves and ventilation chimneys.

“The big difference with our previous website is that the information has become more accessible,” says Loïc van der Heijden, office manager.

“People want quick access to information about a specific air inlet valve. They can find it in two clicks. Now leaflets of each air inlet valve can be downloaded.”

TPI-Polytechniek is an international manufacturer and supplier of polyurethane components for agricultural ventilation systems, particularly for pig housing.

In addition to the new website TPI-Polytechniek is further working on innovations and expansion of the program.

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