PEOPLE: Vitfoss expands management

20-08-2012 | |
PEOPLE: Vitfoss expands management

Vitfoss’ vitamin- and mineral activities are expected to grow significantly in the coming years, so the company has decided to strengthen its daily management and expand the board of managers.

Hans Aae: Board director
Vitfoss has announced the appointment of Hans Aae as director of the board. Aae, currently the head of the technical department, came to Vitfoss from the DLGs feed group in 1999. He started with DLGs in 1992. Hans Aae is a trained agronomist.

Victoria Skau Mortensen: New commercial trainee
Vitfoss has also take on a new commercial trainee, Victoria Skau Mortensen, who commences her two year apprenticeship on 15 August.
During her apprenticeship Mortensen will work in all departments, based primarily, however, in Customer Service and Marketing.

Mortensen is a trained agricultural technologist, specialising in economics, supplemented with marketing and personal selling. With a degree in Business Economics and Resource Management, Mortensen is now engaged in obtaining a college business degree. She was born on a farm, still lives on one, and is in her spare time a competition rider.

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