Outbreak of Classical Swine Fever in Russia

29-10-2007 | |

An outbreak of Classical Swine Fever (CSF) caused several hundreds of pigs to die in a village in far-Eastern Russia

The disease was already discovered at the end of September and officially reported to the World Animal Health Organisation (OIE) by Evgueny A. Nepoklonov, deputy head at the Russian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, in Moscow, last week.

A routine epidemiological investigation was undertaken in the 3km-radius zone around the outbreak and no more cases were observed. Unvaccinated 45-day-old pigs had been introduced, which caused the problem. Vaccination of all pigs at the national level is being introduced this year.

The disease was found in a herd of 298 animals, of which already 90 had died. An additional 127 animals within the herd had to be culled.

Other measures being taken include controlled movement, disinfection of premises and vaccination.

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