Ontario Vet Medical Association honours swine vet

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Ontario Vet Medical Association honours swine vet

Doug MacDougald received the Outstanding Veterinarian Award from the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association in January 2015. The award those who have made extraordinary contributions to the veterinary profession.

MacDougald, who lives in Stratford, Canada received the award at the end of January at the association’s conference and trade show in Toronto. He is a veterinarian with South West Ontario Veterinary Services and also one of the founding members of the Ontario Swine Health Advisory Board and currently serves as chair.

He says as swine veterinarians they’re members of the association but “we’re not mainstream veterinarians. It’s nice to have our smaller group of swine veterinarians recognized by our peers for the work we do in agriculture and in the swine industry.”

Goal to help develop Ontario’s swine production industry

After graduating from the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College in 1977 he completed his degree not long after, one of his goals was to pursue an interest in developing Ontario’s swine production industry and pig health management. In 1987, he established his swine-only practice.

But it wasn’t just his professional success that led to MacDougald receiving the Outstanding Veterinarian Award. He is also a humanitarian who received the YMCA 2011 Peace Medal for his work with Sleeping Children Around the World, a charitable organisation that distributes mosquito nets and other basic supplies to children in developing countries. He dedicates three weeks almost every year to children in Asia or Africa, all at his own expense.

The Ontario veterinary association say the Outstanding Veterinarian Award recognises a veterinarian for extraordinary contributions to the profession. MacDougald was nominated by his peers for his dedication to the swine industry and the key role he played in addressing porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus.

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