New pig breeding programme for China

23-11-2006 | |

A Chinese pig programme developed by Hunan Agricultural University has received approval from national authorities and will now be promoted nation-wide.

The programme, unveiled at Changsha’s pig breeding technical seminar and pork development conference, says to have overcome some worrying problems facing the pork industry.

The programme targeted issues in pig breeding, including immune systems reactivity, heat reactivity and Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD).

Less days to market
Besides offering increased disease resistance in pigs, the programme offers a reduction of days to market from 165 to 135 days while improving meat quality.

The research team has applied for six patents and received two national patents so far.

Widely adopted
The programme, which has been adopted in 18 provinces, has been designated as a priority programme for national dissemination by the country’s Agriculture Department. The department plans to train 1,000 personnel for the programme.

The personnel would then be sent to technical improvement and feed development centres to train more than 100,000 pig farmers.

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