Miratorg intends to build 10 new pig farms by 2018

27-02-2012 | |

Within the new large investment project agro holding Miratorg intends to build ten new pig farms on the south-west of Russia in the Kursk Region with a total production capacity of 50 thousand tonnes of meat in live weight per year. According to the representatives of the company the total amount of investments will be about 10 billion rubles (US$ 330 mln).

Co-owner of agricultural holdings Miratorg, Viktor Linnik, said yesterday that each of the ten complexes will be designed for keeping 2.5 thousands heads of sows simultaneously. He also noted that currently Miratorg is completing the construction of five another farms in the Kursk region which also have been designed for production capacity of 50 thousand tonnes of pork per year.

“With this project we expect to bring a good synergy with assets in the Belgorod region. There we recently completed the construction of a new feed mill with the total production capacity of 1.1 million tonnes feed per year. This will meet the needs of 30 medium pig farms. In addition, slaughter facilities in the Belgorod region currently reached the 3 million heads per year mark,” said Mr. Linnik. 

According to the head of the executive committee of the National Meat Association, Sergey Yushin, such an aggressive expansion strategy of Miratorg is dictated by the need to consolidate its position on the national market before the country will enter WTO. “These measures will enable the holding to get away from market volatility, and take all margins. Accordingly, with such production capacities the company will not depend on the price situation on the market,” he said.
(By Vladislav Vorotnikov)

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