Czech Rep loses pig breeding self-sufficiency

20-08-2008 | |

The Czech Republic is losing self-sufficiency in pig breeding meaning that pork imports will grow in the coming years, and this may have a negative impact on pork prices, Agricultural Chamber president Jan Veleba told the Czech news agency.

Pork producers now cover only 60 percent of domestic pork consumption and in a year or two, the share may drop to just 50 percent, he added.

Pig stocks in the country decreased by 14 percent over the year which in turn will impact on grain producers as they will lack buyers. Processors will be affected as well, and employment will fall.

The trend has continued over the last two years. The fall in pig stocks registered in the country in the second quarter of the year is the biggest of all EU countries, Veleba said.

The deficit in Czech foreign trade in pork reached Kc4.98bn (€2 million) last year. As much as 130,000 tonnes of meat was imported last year, eight times more than in 2001.

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