Cargill introduces new pork line

01-07-2009 | |

Cargill are launching a new pork line of variety meat cuts under its brand, Rumba®. The new Rumba pork products include ears, hocks, jowls, kidneys, neckbones, split front feet, stomach, tails, fatback skins, hearts and livers.

Rumba is one of the first brands to focus on the multicultural customer offering fresh variety meat cuts in US mainstream meat cases. Rumba brand beef products were launched in 2007 and the line is now being extended to cover pork variety meat cuts to further meet the needs of customers. Like its beef products, Rumba pork variety meats continue to offer always fresh, never frozen cuts in a vacuum-packed clear case always allowing the consumer 100% visibility of the product. The vacuum-sealed packages also allow each cut to stay fresher longer.

Kelly Perrier, Cargill Pork brand manager stated, “Our research showed that there was a limited number of pork variety meats in the mainstream meat case. Rumba variety meats represent quality, fresh products that our customers trust. With the Rumba brand, our customers can conveniently make authentic, favourite family recipes for their entire family. “

The Rumba pork products offered are based on extensive consumer research to match and exceed the needs and expectations of multicultural customers such as Hispanics and African Americans, who are primary users of pork specialty meats in traditional dishes. In the past, the mainstream meat case in the local grocer did not carry all of the specialty meat cuts that are the essential ingredients in culturally-significant dishes. These customers turned to shopping at other locations for their meat purchases.

Along with the pork launch, the Rumba brand has also expanded its beef cuts and revamped its website©to showcase all the new additions to the Rumba meats family.

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