British consumers fork out more for pork

12-09-2007 | |
British consumers fork out more for pork

The British Pig Executive has claimed that British consumers are prepared to pay more for pork to help save the UK’s pig industry from crashing.

According to a poll of 2,190 buyers, more than three-quarters (78%) were discovered to be happy to pay a few pence extra to cover the accelerating production costs that is threatening British farmers.

Of these, 42% said they would be prepared to fork out up to 10% additional and just over a third (36%) would be content with paying up to 5% more.

The survey – conducted by YouGov – is part of a campaign launched by Britain’s pig farmers last to persuade consumers to pay more for pork. This follows a 30% increase in production costs due to worldwide rises in feed prices.

The British Pigs Are Worth It campaign calculates that an increase of 34p per kg to £1.44 in the price people pay for pork could avoid a loss of £200 m for farmers in the next year.

 â€œWe’re asking for modest increases of a few pence on pork, bacon, ham and sausages. The survey results show that many, many consumers will be happy to pay this. If passed on to farmers this will help safeguard the British pig industry,” said Stewart Houston, chairman of BPEX and the National Pig Association.