Betagro launches farm equipment facility

29-08-2008 | |

Now that its manufacturing facility is ready for commercial production, Thai livestock integrator Betagro has launched its export objective for two products: ventilation controller technology (VenTec) and 50-inch energy saving fans for an evaporative cooling system and for pig farming (PowerTech).

The objective will be carried out in collaboration with Betagro Group’s subsidiary B International and Technology and King Mongkut University of Technology (KMUTT), carried out under the Industry Technology Assistance Programme (iTAP) of the National Science and Technology Development Association (NSTDA).

Six projects
According to Nopporn Vayuchote, executive vice-president of the Betagro Group, six more projects are currently in the pipeline; weighing apparatus for measuring feed in silos; heating pads for piglets; biogas production technology; energy-saving inverters for evaporative cooling systems; and energy-saving cooling pads, which would not only will supply the group but also for export, to emerging markets; India, Bangladesh, Nepal and to neighbouring countries, such as Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, with growing livestock industries.

Cherchai Sinsarng, general manager of B International & Technology, says Betagro has a history of developing farm equipment going back more than four years and that by producing its own equipment, it can save the group more than one million baht a year from imports and that the current plan is to introduce a minimum of two new farm equipment products yearly.

Thailand’s farm equipment market is currently valued at about four billion baht (€80 million) yearly with imported products amounting to around 1.5 billion baht (€30 million). B International currently generates about 400-500 million baht (€8-10 million) sales per year, contributing 1% to Betagro’s revenues, which are expected to top 45 billion baht (€0.9 billion) this year.  

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