Alltech’s tour focuses on elevated feed costs

24-01-2008 | |

Alltech, global animal nutrition company, will embark on its annual European, Middle Eastern and North African Lecture Tour beginning February 11, 2008.  The theme for the tour is “The Feed Cost Puzzle: Performance or Profitability?”, and it will provide a forum to share information and learn how the latest technologies and practices can sustain and elevate the animal feed industry.

According to The International Grains Council, overall global production of grains will reach a record 1.66 billion tonnes for the 2007/8 season, significantly higher than the 2006/7 figure of 1.56 billion tonnes. However, consumption is growing faster still and some analysts predict that demand for corn will continue to exceed supply until at least 2009. 

Global animal feed requirement for pig and poultry production can be expected to increase over 100%, to 2,082 million tonnes, between now and 2050.  Even without competition from biofuel, there is likely to be a grain shortfall in attempting to meet global feed demand.

Such high levels of demand promise to drive global corn prices even higher and make it more difficult for producers to feed their animals.  Alltech’s lecture tour will address these issues by examining ways to maintain performance and profitability in the face of increasing feed costs.

Dr Pearse Lyons, president of Alltech commented that “there are a lot of issues coming to the forefront of European agriculture and I’m looking forward to sharing our ideas with others in the industry.”

Dr Lyons will be joined by the following industry professionals during the tour:

  • Dr Jules Taylor-Pickard, Technical Team Manager, Alltech
  • Prof. Fernando Rutz, Pelotas Federal University, Brazil
  • Dr Mark Lyons, Director of International Projects, Alltech
  • Dr Richard Murphy, EU Research Coordinator, Alltech
  • Dr James Pierce, Coordinator of Monogastric Research, Alltech
  • Dr Karina Horgan, Senior Research Scientist, Alltech
  • Patrick Charlton, Global Product Champion for Alltech’s Bioplex® organic trace minerals

More information about the tour can be obtained via Alltech’s website :

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