Ukraine reports ASF on backyard pig farm

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Ukraine reports ASF on backyard pig farm

Ukraine has reported an outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) which occurred on a backyard pig farm to the World Organization for Animal Health.

The backyard farm is located in the village Krasnodons’kyi, in the Luhansk region, in the far east of the country. The farm had 26 pigs, of which five had died.

Clinical signs had already been observed as early as January 5. Laboratory tests, including PCR tests, pointed in the direction of ASF – the OIE was informed by the end of last week.

The authorities applied several measures to avoid further spread.

It is inconclusive what could be the source of the contamination. In this Luhansk region, earlier this year a dead wild boar was found, having suffered from ASF as well. In total, six animals in the Ukraine have been reported dead due to ASF.

Apart from Ukraine, African Swine Fever has now also been found to have spread from Russia to Belarus (two outbreaks) and Lithuania (two wild boars).

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