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  • Must knows for successful pig farming

    Pig Progress recently held a Pork Production Conference in Beijing. At the conference speakers highlight key points on the topics of pig farm design, training and management of personnel and managing disease. This whitepaper combines these presentations.
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  • All about African Swine Fever

    A lot of information on African Swine Fever is to be found in Pig Progress and on the website. This whitepaper gives you a recap and looks into some of the major symptoms and latest outbreaks. We also look at the strategies that can be used to prevent and eradicate the disease.
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  • Phytase and myo-inositol: opportunities for enhanced poultry and pig production efficiency

    Exogenous phytases have been used commercially since the early 1990s as a successful tool for reducing the environmental impact of industrial livestock production and improving poultry and swine profitability (Selle & Ravindran, 2007). These cost-saving and sustainability benefits derive primarily from phytase’s ability to liberate phosphorus from phytate. The breakdown of this poorly digestible compound improves animals’ phytate-phosphorus retention and reduces the need to use inorganic phosphorus sources in the diet.
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  • How to stop PEDv?

    How to stop PEDv?

    Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) virus took the pig industry by surprise. The understanding of it is progressing, albeit slowly. In this white paper, Pig Progress and Dr Tom Burkgren (AASV) dive into the major questions and try to uncover which are yet to be answered. What do we know - and what needs to be yet unveiled?
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