Inside the pig farm: The 3 pillars of SiamPigs

  1. The breeding out of diseases comes down to the deliberately re-introducing of some basic pig diseases in the early stages of the pig herd. This will cause a part of the offspring to die or to wither away. That part however, that lives, did so because it can deal with certain pathogens better.
  2. The ON=OF principle refers to the idea that each breeding complex should have its own nucleus as bringing in new breeding gilts from elsewhere could be a permanent cause for new infections, especially in Thailand. ON=OF is short for ‘One Nucleus = One Farm’.
  3. GGR, to close off, is a concept that moves away from the usual premise that selection in the sire line should focus on meat quality (Growth) and selection in the dam line on productivity (Reproduction). By deliberately adding more ‘Growth’ than ‘Reproduction’ elements (hence GGR) into the Large White breeding element, the pigs have more pronounced hams and leaner meat percentage. In short, the Duroc and the Large White components focus on ‘Growth’, whereas the Landrace element focuses on ‘Reproduction’.

For more about a pig farm in Thailand that has adopted these pillars - Limpaiboon Farm

More about Dr Sakchai Topanurak, Chulalongkorn University and driving force behind SiamPigs the pillars