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JSR: Investment in semen technology

Investment in the latest semen dosage counting technology will ensure all JSR semen products now offer customers even higher levels of consistency and far exceed existing industry audit standards.

The company has been using the SP100 Nucleo Counter for a number of years for internal quality control measures, and has recently purchased an additional machine to allow implementation of the technology across the whole of their AI processing business. This investment will ensure every dose taken across their elite sire lines at stud will be verified using the best technology available.

Steve Cook, JSR’s AI production manager feels that utilising the SP100 Nucleo Counters on all semen doses will ensure an even greater consistency of product being delivered to farmers and producers.

Steve commented “Because the SP100 Nucleo Counter has much tighter tolerances we can make sure that all doses have a much higher minimum semen count. By using this technology on each and every dose we produce, we can ensure that no dose will be dispatched with a reading from the machine below 2.3 billion sperm.”

Traditional equipment to measure sperm counts historically had a 15 - 20% tolerance, meaning that counts could vary by up to 1 billion sperm per dose; however the SP100 Nucleo Counter boasts tolerances of only 2 - 3% meaning this variance is significantly reduced.

“Previously, we have been disappointed with the variability in semen counts using conventional methods,” said Steve Cook. “But we have only used the SP100 Nucleo Counter technology for quality control testing as it was cost-prohibitive to use on every dose.
“However, after investigating the viability of purchasing counters for all processing sites we felt the benefits for our customers far outweigh any internal costs and we hope producers will appreciate the improvements to our existing high standards of excellence”.

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