Themed newsletters 2012

Pig Progress will produce a variety of themed newsletters in 2012. Advertising space in these newsletters is limited. For more information contact:

Theme: Housing & Climate

As with humans, pigs are sensitive to the climate around them. Too much heat? The pigs will not eat. Too much cold? The pigs will not grow. And let us not forget the impact of the seasons on the sow reproductive system. In short: there are plenty of reasons to keep a closer look on the in-house climate. This newsletter will help you keeping up to date with the latest developments.

Theme: Liquid Feeding

With ever-increasing feed prices, many producers wonder what to feed their pigs? Ingredients form a major part of the costs of any pig producer, so why not considering going liquid? After all, keeping costs down is one of the main reasons to do so. Read all about it in this newsletter!

Theme: Breeding

Prior to weaning, growing and finishing, there's always the stage of gestation and farrowing. Over three months in which sows carefully breed a litter of invaluable piglets. This process is essential and needs to be addressed with the greatest care. How to keep the gestating sows, what to feed them and how to make the farrowing process as easy as possible?

Theme: World Pork Expo 2012

Proudly announced as the world’s largest pig-only trade show, the annual World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, has a lot more to offer than only business. It’s a huge spectacle with food for thought and food for consumption. As always, Pig Progress will be present to report live with contents as well as images, live from the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Don’t miss it!

Theme: Hygiene & Biosecurity

Whatever the purpose – keeping the pig house free from pathogens or totally cleaning the place, this newsletter is not to be missed by anybody who wants to know the latest on producing pork in a good environment. Prudent management, as well as the science behind it, will receive a lot of attention in this mailing.

Theme: Piglet Feeding

Getting young piglets off to a good start benefits producers in the long run. Healthy piglets grow swiftly and consistently – which means that producers have to make sure that in the first crucial weeks the piglets receive the nutrition they need. New insights, ideas and developments will be highlighted in this special theme newsletter.

Theme: SPACE 2012

In an economic climate where only the best agricultural trade shows can survive, the annual French tradeshow in Rennes, France continues to grow and prove itself as one of the major meeting points of the pig industry in Europe. Representatives from all over the world meet at his thriving trade show – no wonder that Pig Progress is among them as well. Watch this space for the latest from France!

Theme: EuroTier 2012

Quoted as the number one livestock show in the world, Eurotier is equal to none. Being located in the heart of Europe’s main pig producer Germany, and situated at driving distance from both Denmark and Holland, Eurotier offers a vast exhibition surface as well as a guaranteed attendance of over 100,000 visitors. Not to forget the endless range of innovations. In short, Eurotier is the place to be, and Pig Progress will make sure you will get the latest.
Date: November 2012

Theme: Dry Feeding

Wheat? Barley? Maize? Tryptophan? Trying out DDGS? And which protein sources to choose from? The latest pros and cons on animal feeding, nutritionist advice, as well as how to present them to pigs, will be discussed in this newsletter.
Date: December 2012


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