Zoetis collaborates to improve pig feed efficiency

Zoetis and Nottingham University are to collaborate on a four-year project that will focus on the maximisation of muscle growth and improve the health of pig herds on farms. What are the benefits for pig producers?

"Improving feed efficiency in farm animals such as pigs is becoming increasingly important in order to ensure their healthy growth and development, and also to help provide an increasing supply of high quality meat that the world's expanding population requires," said John Brameld, Associate Professor in Nutritional Biochemistry at The University of Nottingham and principal investigator.

The project will bring together the muscle growth and metabolism expertise of Dr Tim Parr and Dr John Brameld, both from the University's School of Biosciences , the pig muscle cell culture specialisms of Dr Paul Loughna in the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science and the whole body physiology skills of Professor Fran Ebling in the School of Life Sciences.

This project builds on an ongoing partnership between The University of Nottingham and Zoetis. "This agreement gives us the opportunity to continue to build upon and strengthen the swine enhanced performance research partnership we've had with the exceptional staff at the University of Nottingham", says Douglas Harris Senior Principal Scientist in Global Therapeutics Research for Zoetis.

The project has secured funding from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

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