Australia: Pork producers have phased out sow stalls but faster progress is wanted

In Australia pork producers have already started to phase out sow stalls, following the industry's announcement a year ago that it would do so on a voluntary basis. But some regard the current phase out too slow.

 It is said that a third of pork producers have already moved away from using sow stalls.
Referring to animal welfare groups, "Whilst we don't agree on all aspects of pig production with those bodies, they do actually support what we're doing on sow stalls, and they understand that the industry wants to make this a success," Andrew Spencer, from Australian Pork Limited stated.
"Livestock industries that take decisions such as the one the pig industry has taken around sow stalls should get the support of the community and they should get the support of government to be successful with that, otherwise it won't be happening in the future, he said."
Progress too slow
However, executive director Glynis Oogjes from Animals Australia has stated that the move to phasing out sow stalls is too slow and that faster progress is needed. She added, "Sows are in stalls right as we speak, and particularly coming up to Christmas when people will have traditionally bought ham for Christmas. Really that choice should be reconsidered in my view, because there is no labelling of pork to give people an indication of the background and whether or not the sows that produced that pork were actually kept in sow stalls."
Source: ABC Rural

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