Fermented potato protein for sows and piglets

Global pharmaceutical company Huvepharma has signed a global distribution contract with Dutch company Ardol Holland to market a fermented potato protein.

The protein, called Lianol, is a highly digestible fermented potato protein and supports the capacity of the liver to produce the necessary and needed physiological metabolic peptides.

This can be beneficial in sows that have a drop in fertility and growth due to a negative energy balance. Animals need enough endocrine metabolic peptides, low levels hereof can cause impaired fertility, retarded growth, impaired feed conversion and reduced immunity.

The product is also beneficial in piglets. It was found that the litters of sows that had the fermented protein concentrate were not only bigger, they also produced more weaned piglets and mortality levels were considerably lower than sows that didn't receive the supplement. Detailed results of this study will be presented at the International Pig Veterinary Society (IPVS) 2010, Vancouver, Canada.

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