Weaning Problems Special

What is it?
At some pig farms it happens after 3 weeks, at others after 4, but for each piglet sooner or later the moment comes that it will have to stand on its own 4 legs. Weaning means a transition from the comfort of being with a mother sow and litter mates to being placed inside a bigger group. Weaning means a move from sow milk to mostly solid feed. Weaning means dealing with the shock of a totally new environment. In short, it’s the most vulnerable moment for any young pig and if there’s any moment in a piglet’s life when things go wrong, it is at weaning. In this Special Edition, we aim to identify the causes of these problems and we ask ourselves how they can be avoided, prevented or otherwise addressed. The theme is particularly topical, being in times when traditional solutions may not be used anymore in several countries all over the world.

 Topics covered:

  • Robust genetics
  • Sow nutrition
  • Health issues for piglets
  • Pre-weaning feeding strategies
  • Weaner nutrition
  • Farrowing management
  • Weaning management
  • Reduction of antibiotics usage
  • Welfare
  • And much much more…


  • November 2017

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