Pathogens & Prevention Special

What is it about?

No longer is it taken for granted exactly how our daily meat is produced. Consumers are becoming increasingly critical of production methods. In Europe and the US for example this has led to stricter rules with regard to antibiotic usage. As a result, the pig industry is now at a very important point in time – more than ever it is necessary to review its methods of production, and wonder how to achieve excellent production figures without the usage of antibiotics. Key in this approach is prevention – producers have to find ways in which it becomes more difficult for pathogens to strike. Now how can that be achieved? Keeping pathogens out altogether? Creating healthier pigs by feed, health strategies or management? There are many ways to make steps – and this issue aims to address all.

Topics included:

  • Vaccinations
  • Diseases
  • Management aspects
  • Animal nutrition
  • Genetics
  • Climate Control
  • Biosecurity
  • And much more!

Publication month:

Pig Progress issue  8: October 2015

Closing dates:

  • delivery of article: 4 September
  • advertising booking: 2 October
  • delivery of online banner: 16 October


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