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South Korea confirms third case of FMD in pigs

South Korea has confirmed another case of foot-and-mouth disease in pigs, meaning a total of three outbreaks have been reported since July.

The first case of FMD was reported at a pig farm in Uiseong, North Gyeongsang, on 24 Jul 2014. It was the first outbreak since April 2011. The 2nd case was at a farm in Goryeong County, also in North Gyeongsang, 4 days later.

The latest case, confirmed on 7 August, has affected some 120 pigs at the farm in the southeastern city of Hapcheon. All pigs with symptoms of FMD at the Hapcheon farm have already been culled, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

The quarantine authority has set up eight control posts in Hapcheon and neighboring Changnyeong County.

South Korea had regained the status of a country free of FMD through vaccination in late May. Although all farms are currently required by law to vaccinate their pigs and cows for FMD, ministry officials say many farms refuse to do so because of the cost and possible deterioration in parts of meat from vaccinated animals.

Those who fail to vaccinate their animals for FMD however, face a fine, as well as a cut in government compensation in case of an outbreak, according to the ministry officials.

The previous outbreak in 2011 led to the culling of nearly 3.5 million animals, causing over 2.73 trillion won (US$2.64 billion) in damage.

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