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Russian veterinary watchdog: "Two new ASF outbreaks in Poland"

Two new outbreaks of African Swine Fever (ASF) were registered in Poland during the last month, reports Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselhoznadzor citing unofficial sources.

According to the report last week, ten carcasses of wild boars were found in the Polish river Obra, preliminary analysis found that they died from ASF.

Clinical signs (redness, tips of the ears, tail, and distal parts of the limbs, neck, sternum and abdomen) largely correspond to signs of an acute form of ASF, noted in the department.

The incident occurred in Wielkopolska while Rosselhoznadzor learned it from media reports rather than from the Veterinary Service of the neighbouring  country. "The Russian supervisory authority has repeatedly requested to promptly be informed about the facts of mortality of wild animals susceptible to ASF virus," stated Rosselhoznadzor. In particular the watchdog is citing the report from the local media

Rosselkhoznadzor further stated that at the beginning of April 2014 a large number of dead pigs have been found in Parseta river in Western Pomerania. "All the corpses of the boars were incinerated without selection of pathological material for laboratory research,"added Rosselhoznadzor.

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