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ASF reported in Russia

A case of African Swine Fever (ASF) has been identified in a wild boar. The carcass of a wild boar was found in Dneprovskiye zory near Dubrovo village, Kardymovsky, Smolenskaya Oblast.

Laboratory studies confirmed that the wild boar was infected with the ASF virus. The carcass was incinerated.

However, Russian veterinary experts say that Russia is successfully fighting the disease, for the first time since 2007.

At the beginning of the year the situation with ASF got better in most the European part of Russia, according to the regional departments of the Russian veterinary service Rosselhoznadzor.

Experts also claim that virus is almost defeated at the South of the country, in particular in Krasnodar Oblast, which previously was the main area where the was situated in Russia. Russian vets say that one of their main achievements is that they did not let ASF reach the Belgorod Oblast, where about quarter of all Russian pigs are concentrated.

Also in opinion of the Russian experts the disease will be defeated by 2017, when by then a vaccine will also be created against it.

One comment

  • Brent Green

    Good to hear that there is progress in fighting ASF. Sorry to hear about the new case though...

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