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Poland: Agriculture minister resigns

It has been reported that Poland’s agriculture minister Stanislaw Kalemba, resigned due to lack of action during African Swine Fever (ASF) detection.

"The main reason for the resignation is a lack of action aimed at conducting operations to fight off the effects of two cases of ASF," Kalemba said at a press conference.

Although no cases of ASF were found in pigs related to exported Polish pork products, in February two wild boars were confirmed to have died from ASF near the Belarusian border.

China and Japan have stopped importing Polish pork products and Russia has banned products from the EU as a result.
According to reports, the ag minister said on 28 February that surplus pigs would be bought by the state from the specially created ASF buffer zone near the Belarusian border. He assured that the process would start in the first week of March. But the policy has still to be set in motion.

Kalemba was the agricultural minister since July 2012.

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