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Belarus bans pork imports from Ukraine over ASF fears

Belarus has imposed temporary restrictions on imports of live pigs and pork produce from Ukraine, over fears that the country’s current problems may contribute to the more active spread of African Swine Fever (ASF).

There were no officially reported outbreaks of ASF in Ukraine over the last couple of months. However, due to the riots in Kiev the country's veterinary service in fact was not operated for some time, so experts warn that the outbreaks may have happened but not have been registered.

The decision was made by the department of veterinary and food control – the Agriculture and Food Ministry of Belarus. A report stated that it also canceled all the previously issued permits for imports of these goods to the territory of Belarus from Ukraine.

The State Veterinary and Biosecurity Service of Ukraine "suspended the certification of live pigs and pork produce supplied to the Russian Federation. And Belarus is in the common customs area with the Russian Federation," reads a report.

As reported, Ukraine stopped the certification of live pigs and pork produce supplied to Russia in connection with the spread of African Swine Fever. Essentially, this means the termination of deliveries.

The resumption of certification will be announced.

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