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PED moves west across Canada into Manitoba

Manitoba’s Office of Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) has confirmed the province’s first case of the porcine epidemic diarrhoea (PED) virus on a farm in southeast Manitoba, a region known for intensive livestock production and considered to be Manitoba’s “hog alley.”

The affected producer has been working closely with the Manitoba government and the Manitoba Pork Council (MPC) to contain the virus on the premises and has chosen to restrict all animal movement on and off the farm. To date, the animals have shown less severe symptoms and mortalities are within the normal range for a farm operation of this type.

The current focus of the Office of the CVO's investigation is to identify any contact that other farms may have had with the premises. The investigation will also look into how the virus may have arrived at the farm.

There are now 15 farm premises that have tested positive for PED across three Canadian provinces, Ontario (13) and one in Prince Edward Island, and now Manitoba.

Manitoba has notified other jurisdictions of its first case and will remain in regular contact with chief veterinary officers and other industry stakeholders across the country on this issue.

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  • conrado esternon,jr

    PED virus can be contained with processed sucklings intestines called inoculom to be fed to sows as 'feedback'

  • HT Too

    News of PED outbreaks in Canada is worrisome because this happened despite the veterinary authorities concern over the outbreaks in the United States. Obviously, the biosecurity measures are inadequate. If a virus with characteristics like PED can beat the biosecurity precautions, then the effectiveness of these precautions need to be urgently reviewed. If you do not know how the virus got into Canada, then how can you prevent it from recurring. Can we expect further incursions in the near future? Incidentally, do we know how PED go into the United States and more importantly how did it become so widespread?

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