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ASF continues to spread in central Russia

Two new outbreaks of African Swine Fever (ASF) have been recently reported by the Russian Federal Veterinary Service Rosselhoznasdzor, according to the recent report of the department.

Both outbreaks have been confirmed in a total of nine wild boars found dead in the Rostov and Tula regions of western Russia.
The Russian veterinary authority sent a Follow Up report No.1 dated 10 February to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). The report describes the finding of three wild boars in Millerovsky, Rostov region that tested positive for the ASF virus on 3 February.

The ASF virus was also found in six dead wild boars at a game husbandry farm near Argunovo in Tula on 1 February, according to a Follow Up Report No. 4 dated 11 February.

In addition, Rosselhoznazdor reported that the recent outbreak of ASF in the Tula region at the pig farm Lazarevskoe may have very serious consequences as it turns out that the infected pork has been supplied to five regions of the country.
As reported, the infected pork has hit the markets of several cities and delivered to the number of meat-processing plants. The Russian veterinary service is currently trying to identify all places where the sale of meat from pigs with ASF may take place.

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